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The Spring Run

Chasing steelhead offers many challenges. The fish are elusive and smart. The tug and fight are unforgettable and every fish landed is a memory that the angler will remember forever. 

In the spring, the rivers are flooded with steelhead that are gearing up to spawn and it can be one of the best times to catch them. However, it is important to do it ethically and to not target spawning fish. 

We got out a couple days and were able to find several fresh fish that were eager to take a fly. This time of year the steelhead will take flies that are presented in a variety of different ways. You can drift nymphs or egg patterns under an indicator, strip streamers, or swing for them.

There are plenty of fish in the rivers. Think of the environment and your fellow anglers, fish ethically, and just have fun. Book a guide for a day and you'll drastically increase your chances of landing fish. Head into your local fly shop for the latest tips and flies for the water near you. Get out there and fish and enjoy the outdoors!

Dan SheplerComment